Our Story:

As founder and owner of The Great Outdoors: Junior Outfitters, I can tell you that my passion for the outdoors started at a young age growing up in Northern Alberta. I spent hours of play time with my family and friends, enjoying nature and participating in a variety of activities like skating, skiing, snowmobiling and hiking.

My family, along with four other enthusiastic families, volunteered countless hours lobbying, fundraising and planning so we could build the first ski hill in Fort McMurray. Pictured below you will see our family featured in the local newspaper as we finalize plans to make the Spruce Valley Ski Society’s vision a reality. I learned what it takes to maintain a skill hill and invested many hours making snow, grooming the hill and ensuring the conditions were the very best for those that visited the hill.


Working on this worthwhile endeavour, further inspired my parents to start a much needed local Sporting Goods Store where I gained retail experience and a breadth of product knowledge. I quickly realized that I really enjoyed ensuring people were equipped with the right gear for their activities.

After graduating from the U of C, it became apparent to me what the City of Calgary was missing; a store that parents could count on for a personal, one-stop shopping experience. I wanted to provide kids with a large selection of quality outerwear products for all of their outdoor activities. I saw that Calgary was made up of a young, vibrant community who appreciated the outdoors and the impressive Rocky Mountain backdrop and I wanted to support families in getting outside and enjoying the fun!

14 years later and I am proud to say we have served thousands of families, whom I feel grateful to have developed long term relationships with and have watched their children grow. I look forward to meeting your family and helping you find the right products to fully embrace the great outdoors!



Julie Baquiran