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The Importance of Sunglasses for Kids

Customers often ask why it is important for kids to wear sunglasses. The simple answer is that sun damage to eyes is permanent and not reversible. We should all be in the habit of protecting our eyes by wearing sunglasses. Just like we insist on helmets to protect our heads, we should be making eye protection a requirement, not an option. We wouldn’t let our children ride in a car without a proper seat so why would we expose their precious eyes to damaging U.V. rays? Prior to the age of ten, children are the most susceptible to sun damage to their eyes. In fact, babies’ eyes are particularly vulnerable to the damaging rays of the sun which is why you should introduce sunglasses sooner, rather than later. Sunglasses need to start being viewed as essential gear that is important to a child’s long-term health, not just an accessory. That is why at The Great Outdoors: Junior Outfitters, we carry a complete range of RKS sunglass styles for toddlers and youth to properly protect their eyes.

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Sunglasses & Sports

With the warmer weather come numerous summer sports and activities such as soccer, baseball, biking, and hiking, just to name a few. Now is the time to consider your child’s eye safety when you are enjoying these outdoor pursuits. Eye-care experts agree that quality eyewear is an important part of an active child’s overall well-being.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can result in numerous eye afflictions down the road. Sunglasses not only protect our precious eyes from the sun’s harmful U.V. rays but they also provide an additional barrier to debris that can scratch the cornea. Sunglasses are highly effective in the prevention of additional trauma to the eye from a mis-thrown baseball or an accidental collision with another player or obstacle. In addition, consider that wearing proper sunglasses can help prevent accidents by reducing glare, enhancing contrast and allowing the wearer to respond to the changing environment quickly and safely.

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When shopping for sunglasses look for shatter proof lenses that offer protection from the entire spectrum of U.V. rays. Sunglasses with sports straps allow the wearer to run, jump, deke and even flip without the fear of their eyewear falling off. Sunglasses known as ‘convertibles’, come with a soft sports-strap that replaces the traditional arms on the glasses. This sports-strap makes wearing sunglasses under a hat or helmet especially effective as the headwear can often squeeze the sides of traditional sunglasses and as a result be very uncomfortable.

Our visual skills are continually being developed and none more quickly than in children. Sunglasses ultimately improve upon depth perception, peripheral vision, eye tracking and visual concentration. Now we all know what a huge impact proper eyewear can have on the overall performance of our little athletes!


Why Polarized Sunglasses?

RKS Surf w kids-w300We know that sunglasses play a major role in protecting our vision but we’re often unsure why polarized lenses are superior in doing so. Here’s the information you need to make an educated decision about buying sunglasses with polarized lenses.
Polarized lenses are highly effective in diminishing blinding glare which is often referred to as ‘horizontal light’. Traditional lenses are unsuccessful at eliminating reflection off shiny surfaces such as water, snow, cars and even roads.

Polarized lenses, on the other hand, are the ultimate choice for a day at the pool or beach as well as car trips, the ski slope and the toboggan hill. Sunglasses boasting polarized lenses reduce prolonged squinting that can cause headaches. Excessive glare can lead to feeling disoriented and can ultimately affect your eye’s long-term health.

Polarized sunglasses allow for the greatest sharpness of vision as these special lenses allow vertical light to reach your eyes. This vertical light is imperative for the clearest, most focused vision. Traditional lenses filter all forms of light, both horizontal and vertical resulting in a reduction, not elimination of glare. Important benefits of polarized lenses are true colour perception, improved contrast, reduced eyestrain and overall enhanced visual comfort.

Now you know what makes polarized lenses unique. With the increasing demand for polarized sunglasses, many manufacturers have added these technical lenses to their most popular styles for everyone in the family including infants, toddlers and youths!

By: Julie Baquiran